About DRIP Central

DRIP Central aims to help individuals start investing in stocks without the large sums that are traditionally required at brokerage firms.

The site was founded in 1996 by author and online investing guru Douglas Gerlach. Since 1995, Doug has focused on educating investors with a string of books, including The Investor's Web Guide, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Investing, The Armchair Millionaire, and Investment Clubs for Dummies, and magazine articles for publications such as Individual Investor, PC World, and ComputerLife. He was a Consulting Editor and columnist for Mutual Funds Magazine, and his articles have appeared on many web sites, including Yahoo! Finance, E*TRADE, and ShareBuilder.com.

Special Online Event for DRIP Investors!

January 7-11, 2008: DRIP Central founder Doug Gerlach will lead a week-long online workshop, "Investing on a Shoestring, on StockCentral.com. Learn how to use Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs), Direct Purchase Plans (DPPs), and share-based brokerage services to get started in the stock market for $100 (or less!). Doug will also outline key considerations in picking stocks for a shoestring portfolio.

Sign up for a free 45-day (no credit card required) subscription to StockCentral.com and follow along as Doug teaches you how to invest in stocks. The workshop will be held in the Classroom forum in the Community section of the web site.

A familiar name to many investors, Doug is a popular speaker on such topics as online investing, getting started in the stock market and running a successful investment club, Gerlach has spoken at events from Honolulu to Berlin, for such organizations as the Na-tional Education Association, National Investor Relations Institute and Charles Schwab, as well as at personal finance conferences organized by CNBC, Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, Morningstar, BetterInvesting and Oregon Public Broadcasting. He has taught at investor events in more than 45 cities across the US, where his skill in explaining often-complex concepts with humor, energy and clarity helps to turn beginning investors into better investors.

In addition, Gerlach has been a guest on countless radio and television programs, including CNNfn's Digital Jam, Yahoo! FinanceVision, and the Wall Street Journal Report.

Currently, Doug is the President of ICLUBcentral Inc., makers of software for individual investors and investment clubs, and the founder of StockCentral.com, an interactive community and tools web site for investors. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Investor Advisory Service, the market-beating newsletter published by ICLUBcentral.

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