DRIP Investing, Step by Step

Getting Started in DRIPs with OneShare.com

OneShare.com is a somewhat unusual, but perhaps viable option for individuals interested in starting to invest.

The company's objective is to make it easy for everyone to give the best gift of all: real stock ownership. The site offers single shares of stock, framed if you like, in any of nearly 150 different public companies, including Apple, Harley-Davidson, Disney, Coach, Starbucks, Tiffany & Co., Coca-Cola, and Nike.

The cost is $39 plus the cost of a share of the stock, with options for frames and personalized engravings. Each new stockholder receives an official, framed certificate for his or her share in the selected company, plus voting privileges, annual reports and any dividends that come with stock ownership. Every gift also includes the OneShare Start-Up Kit, which can be shipped immediately to announce last-minute gifts and contains a Quick Reference Guide, Owner's Manual, and Congratulations Card.

Started in 1996, OneShare.com has served more than 360,000 customers, all over the world.

3450 Third Street
Building 1-D
San Francisco, CA 94124

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